ELENI SIDIROPOULOU Diary 2000 [R/P/D] - x +

CN: SidE2000diar

MT: mixed media: paper, wood, and metal (110x20x33)

TX: inscribed with pencil at right side of book's front cover in Greek <DIARY 2000 ELENI>

DN: Ms. Eleni Sidiropoulou - 2006

CM: Eleni Sidiropoulou's Diary belongs to a series of works made in the period from 1995 to 2000, which involve geometry, especially regarding the square. The Diary consists of a reading-stand with a receptacle for a book. Each of the book's seven pages demonstrates a variably rendered square made of different materials and by various techniques. According to Sidiropoulou, the square is man’s most fundamental achievement. Indeed she claims that the square was created by an inner need of man to intervene in and collaborate with nature. Sidiropoulou's aim was to explore the methods and the tools by which to approach the square as much in aesthetic as in conceptual ways. In her effort to discover its capacity, the artist rendered the square variably employing different solutions of reconstruction. The effect of difference in the book's pages led Sidiropoulou to call this work Diary. As such, this diary narrates in its pages the experiments and procedures that took place in the process of its facture. The vocabulary of the Diary is rather non-representational and has to do with colors, forms, lines and materials. The variety of materials used for the making of this work reveals Sidiropoulou's love for matter's texture, quality and appearance.

[Megakles Rogakos 05/2006]

SCHINA, ATHENA Eleni Sidiropoulou: Sculpture, Painting, and Constructions: The Unfoldings of the Square 2001 Aenaon Art Gallery, Athens, p.8