EVANTHIA SOUTOGLOU The School of Fine Arts of Hydra Island 2006 [R/F] - x +

CN: SouE2006hydr

MT: oil on canvas mounted on board (40x28 / FR:52x40x2)

TX: painted with brush at lower left in Greek <ESoutoglou>

DN: Augustus - 2006

CM: This painting by Soutoglou presents the School of Fine Arts on the island of Hydra. This concerns the mansion of Admiral Tombazis, which came under the aegis of the Athens School of Fine Arts and operates since as a guest house for artists and as the School's annexe with studios for painting. Soutoglou has stayed and painted there since the time she was a student. Having bonded with Hydra's landscape and its people, the present painting expresses a special intimacy that is eloquently betrayed. This work sprung from Soutoglou's admiration for the traditional settlement of Hydra, its architecture with the imposing rock-built mansions of amazing architectural rhythms and the smaller houses of the people of Hydra with their typical inner windows which make their façades appear plain. The particular mansion of Tombazis reveals a Venetian influence, as evidenced by the loggia (stoa) of the court and the apses of the fence. This painting materialized in the early hours of the summer, which is a magical moment for the harmony of lights and colors. This work also serves as a portrait of the building and its surrounding houses. The School is at the center of the composition, while the background in the distance presents the rocky landscape of Hydra as colored by the sky. As a consequence appear some magnificent grey colors, which are sometimes cold while at other times warm, depending on the light of the sun and the refelection of the sea. Hydra has an awesome light any season during the year. It is not by chance that this has become the favorite island of modern painters, such as Ghika, Mavroidis, Moralis, Nikolaou, and Tetsis. At dawn or dusk the island is transfigured by great colors, such as purples, oranges, and reds, as known in the works of Tetsis. Soutoglou aims to paint like the great masters, not however copying them, but rather attempting - like them - to keep the subject alive and to retain its truth. This Soutoglou is able to accomplish because her effort is both natural and experienced.

[Megakles 10/2006]

PERSIDOU, IRENE Evanthia Soutoglou: Painting 2003 Adam Gallery, Athens
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