ARIS STOIDIS Ritual Amulet 2008 [C/R] - x +

CN: StoA2008amul

MT: mixed media: alloy of aluminum and bronze, feathers, coral, turquoise, gilt bronze, and mirror in perspex case (6x15x7 / CS:21x21x11)

TX: inscribed with pencil at rear center in Greek <Aris Stoidis '08 / Nou-Nou Tribe / Ritual Amulet>

DN: Mr. Takis Efstathiou - 2008

LC: ACG - Presidential Residence

CM: Aris Stoidis' artworks based on pots for portions of milk by Nounou company began in Vatopedi Monastery of Mount Athos, Greece, in 2003. Owing to the lack of materials in the premises of the monastery, Stoidis decided to make a chandelier out of paper. In order to conceal the cord near the lightbulb, the idea came to him to make beads out of Nounou pots. In essence and without realizing it, Stoidis chose the Nounou pot, whose technology - with its use of a layer of bronze and aluminum for the sake of resistance– is known already in Homeric times, as Achille's shield turned out to be impenetrable thanks to its layers of three different kinds of metal. Stoidis put aside his idea of using Nounou pots, until the time when he would use them in another artwork of large scale. In 2007 he re-engaged with the Nounou pots, which he collected over the years, and began giving them various forms while working with them - geometric or decorative in the beginning and anthropomorphic or zoomorphic later on. The knowledge that Nounou pots contain milk - a material as much lifegiving as sperm - resulted is their phallomorphic version, which led to the making of the series of Ritual Spermpot Amulets.

The present amulet acquires the form of a woman in an abstracted manner. Her body comprises of two Nounou pots joined at their opening, and embossed with the basic characteristics of her face and gender. Her hands are adorned with semi precious stones and capitulate in small gilded operational bells. As a ritual object, on the figure have been added wings, which will enable her to fly towards the Goddess of Fertility of the Nou-Nou ou Tribe. This amulet is an offering in a ritual of passing from the age of the child to that of the adult, which is the age of fertility. [Megakles 08/02/2008]

ELEFTHERIOU, MANOS & XANTHAKIS, ALKIS Aris Stoidis: The Saint of Photography / Nikos Anagnostakis Collection 2007 Archipelagos Editions, Athens