STEFANOS STOURNARAS Bust Portrait of Mr. Apostolides 1907 Volos [R/V] - x +

CN: StoS1907apos

MT: silver print on paper mounted on card (15x11 / CD:23x17)

TX: inscribed and underlined with fountain-pen at lower left of print <1907>, signed at right in Greek <Apostolides>, printed at lower right of border <S.STOURNARAS / Volos.>, inscribed with fountain-pen at rear upper center in Greek <To our dear Vassilakis / Diamantopoulos in memory / of pure friendship / Apostolides>, printed at center <S.K.STOURNARAS / CERTIFICATED / PAINTER / AND / PHOTOGRAPHER / OF THE COURT / OF H.R.H. THE REGENT / IN VOLOS. / THE PLATES ARE RESERVED.>, inscribed and underlined with fountain-pen at lower center <1907>

PR: Nelly's Collection, Athens

IL: ELEFTHERIOU & XANTHAKIS Stefanos Stournaras: The Saint of Photography 2007 Archipelagos Editions, Athens, p. 22-23

DN: Mr. Megakles Rogakos - 2006

CM: The Portrait of Mr. Apostolides was taken in 1907, at a time when for Greece the battle against the Bulgarian committage in Macedonia was climaxing. 1907 was also the year in which the central streets were illuminated by electricity and telecommunications were being founded. Of course a typical reaction to this was the interest in fashion, which was the prerogative of many wealthy bourgeois. Obviously Mr. Apostolides was a rich Voliot dandy, who wears coquettish and perhaps uncomfortable clothes: high collar; scarf; and pince-nez chained to the back side of the ear. The typical hairdo of the period with a central parting expresses an exaggerated diligence. The body's upright pose and the hands' position - the left at the back and the right languidly supported on the coat's buttoning - betrays a conscious attitude of haughtiness if not ostentatiousness. In closing, it is worth noting that this photograph originates in the private collection of Nelly's in Athens, and may concern a relative of hers.

[Megakles 08/2006]

ELEFTHERIOU, MANOS & XANTHAKIS, ALKIS Stefanos Stournaras: The Saint of Photography / Nikos Anagnostakis Collection 2007 Archipelagos Editions, Athens