STEFANOS STOURNARAS Bust Portrait of Greek Gentleman 1910 Volos [R/V] - x +

CN: StoS1910gent

MT: silver print on paper mounted on card (9x6 / CD:11x7)

TX: inscribed and underlined with fountain pen at lower center of print in Greek <Volos June 1910>, printed at lower left of border in ornate frame <S.&P. STOURNARAS>, at right <PAINTERS&PHOTOGRAPHERS / IN VOLOS>, inscribed and underlined with pencil at rear upper center <June 1910 / Volos>, at lower left in English <for me> printed in French <LES BEAUX ARTS / S.&P. STOURNARAS / Peintres et / Photographes / VOLO. / (Grèce) / Les clichés seront conservés pour trios années. / BERNHARD WACHTL, WIEN.>

PR: Nelly's Collection, Athens

IL: ELEFTHERIOU & XANTHAKIS Stefanos Stournaras: The Saint of Photography 2007 Archipelagos Editions, Athens, p. 24

DN: Mr. Megakles Rogakos - 2006

CM: Volos was a great center for the bourgeoisie of the liberated part of Greece, with intense commercial activity due as much to its port as to its railroad connection to the capital. It is obvious that this photograph's sitter was one of the wealthy bourgeois of the Voliot Society. It concerns a rich man, as suggested by his expensive clothes: tall hat; vest with golden chain; and pince-nez. The photograph was taken in the studio in a staged background. The sitter avoids looking at the photographic lens with modesty together with coquetry. The moustache diligently combed at its extremities expresses a pride, which is most certainly based on the sitter's professional activity - perhaps commerce. In closing, it is worth noting that this photograph - like the one before - originates in the private collection of Nelly's in Athens, and may concern a relative of hers.

[Megakles 08/2006]

ELEFTHERIOU, MANOS & XANTHAKIS, ALKIS Stefanos Stournaras: The Saint of Photography / Nikos Anagnostakis Collection 2007 Archipelagos Editions, Athens