MY SVENNBERG Spår (Trace) 2007 - x +

CN: SveM2007spar

MT: enamel on steel (33x53 / 28x53 / T:61x53)

TX: signed with felt pen at rear center in Swedish <My Svennberg / 2007>

DN: Ms. My Svennberg - 2009

LC: ACG Art Storage

CM: My Svennberg started out as a printmaking artist, with a specialty in copper etching, but now mixes materials of different structure and qualities. What drives her is curiosity, to explore the poetic possibilities of the material; to do what has not been done, to experiment with new methods. She currently works with painting, printmaking, glass, enamel, metal, concrete, found objects, installation and light. Wishing to stain metal plaques with acids, Svennberg developed a special technique, whereby the fluid is brushed onto the metal via a thin handmade paper. The organic colors coming from the metal are sucked by the paper and, with the application of glue, it all becomes one, which protects it.

Svennberg likes to work on a monumental scale, to tell a long story, to stage it in the room like in a theatre. In her work, she lets a web of fragments and images flow, structures, symbols, half broken down pictures and words, dusty earth colors, bright rust, black white and grey. Remains of life lived like the marks and traces you find in a severely worn surface. Svennberg spent half of her life living abroad in different parts of the world, as a child with her parents. That made her keep returning to questions concerning memory, loss, aspects of time, communication, what is real and how to interpret the world around us. "Spår" in Swedish means trace. The painting Spår is from a series of enamel paintings exploring a kind of organic microcosm within our body, inside the blood-vessels of our brain where each fragment of a memory leads to the next in an endless web of passed time.

[Megakles Rogakos 06/2009]