MY SVENNBERG To go astray is a bloody good way of walking 2010 [R/V] - x +

CN: SveM2010gang

MT: mixed media: oil, acids and ink on paper mounted on steel (27x139x4)

TX: signed with felt pen at rear center in Swedish <My Svennberg / 2010>

IL: Megakles Rogakos 2011, p.92-93

DN: Ms. My Svennberg - 2009

LC: ACG Art Storage

CM: Challenged to respond to Phaedon Anastasiadi's Memories Refuse Themselves, My Svennberg created a similarly complex composition of five parts arranged horizontally at short and equal distance from one another. As a principle, Svennberg's art deals with her personal memories - a smell, a feeling, a strong emotion from real life, a film, a place or people long gone. All her works concern fragments from a visual diary of hers. In creating art, Svennberg tries to be open enough to allow the flow of her memories. In her line of thought, memories are hidden away like in drawers. Some are dark and hard to open; others fly open all the time and cause disorder. She is aware that memories might have little to do with reality; they lead a life of their own. Also, different people may have varying memories of the same event, but as valid. By the title, "To go astray is a bloody good way of walking", which can be a direct translation from Swedish, Svennberg refers to the state of losing oneself that makes one go in unexpected directions, which is an exciting experience. Such a perception of the world enriches one's memories. In keeping with this, Svennberg presents five pictures of related memories, as good or beautiful momen ts of her life. The first is a snapshot of herself with her best friend joking in a photoautomat. The second is a painting of red as a color of intense emotion that illustrates the feeling of warmth, love and friendship. The third is an ink drawing of a path as the twisted way ants walk in the forest. The fourth is an acid painting of a bridge connecting with the side pictures. The fifth is an ink drawing of a bug that started out as an ancient scarab and turned to resemble a contemporary cockroach.

[Megakles Rogakos 10/2011]

EUGENIA ALEXAKI & MEGAKLES ROGAKOS Encounters: Eclectic Affinities with the art of Phaedon Anastasiadis 2011-2012 Melina Mercouri Cultural Center, Athens / Teloglion Foundation of Art, Thessaloniki