ELENI THEOFILAKTOU (Greece, Edessa, Skydra b. 28.06 / act: Thessaloniki)

Eleni Theofilaktou Eleni Theofilaktou was born on 28 June in Skydra, Greece. She studied at the Roula Pateraki Drama School, Thessaloniki (1983-1985). She enrolled at the School of Fine Arts of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, studying painting (1986-1991) and printing (1991-1992). She received a Master of Fine Arts at the University of East London, London (2001-2002).

Eleni Theofilaktou has presented the following personal exhibitions: Dimito Gallery, Rethymnon, Crete (1996); Municipal Art Gallery of Edessa, Pella (1996); TinT Gallery, Thessaloniki (1996); Within the Arts, Thessaloniki (1997); TinT Gallery, Thessaloniki (1998); It's Not Such A Comfortable Position, Municipal Art Gallery of Thessaloniki (1998); Epikentro Gallery, Athens (2000); Give Me Your Secret, TinT Gallery, Thessaloniki (2002); Hellenic Center, London (2003); A Woman Show, Por Amor À Arte Gallery, Porto, Spain (2003); Margari Gallery, Amfilochia, Etoloakarnania (2003); Beautiful, Angelic, Enchanting World, TinT Gallery, Thessaloniki (2004); Made in In, performance, D624 - Athens (2006); Darling, I 'm Clearing Up, TinT Gallery, Thessaloniki (2007); and Newslater,, Athens (2008). She has also taken part in the following group exhibitions: 1st University Cultural Exhibition, Kostis Palamas Building, Athens (1990); 3rd Fine Arts Graduates Exhibition, Thessaloniki (1992); Artists of the Mediterranean, Lebanon (1994); 8 th Demetria Festival, State Theater Gallery, Thessaloniki (1995); Eros and Art, TinT Gallery, Thessaloniki (1995); Art Athina #4, TinT Gallery, Athens (1996); Greenpeace, Milos, Thessaloniki (1995); International Triennale, Bulgaria (1996); 4th International Biennale, Miniature Arts, Yugoslavia (1996); Cultural Capital of Europe '97: Art in the Streets, Thessaloniki (1996); Balkan Dreams, Tobacco Factory, Xanthi (1996); Ten Years After, TinT Gallery, Thessaloniki (1997); Thessaloniki Cultural Capital of Europe '97: Women Creators from the Two Seas, UNESCO, Thessaloniki (1997); Kolong Classic, Yugoslavia (1997); Greek and Turkish Artists, Istanbul, Turkey (1997); Thessaloniki Cultural Capital of Europe '97: De Valigia, Thessaloniki Railstation, Thessaloniki (1997); Young Artists, Schewtzingen, Germany (1997); Europartrain, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (1998); The Missing Kiss, Zeuxis Gallery, Thessaloniki (1998); 3rd ESTET Video, organization the 40th Film Festival, port of Thessaloniki (1999); 40 th Film Festival: Visual Clothing, Port of Thessaloniki (1999); Pret Art Porter, DESTE Foundation, Athens (1999); Greek Artists, Marseilles (1999); Lola Nikolaou Gallery, Thessaloniki (2000); Art Athina #8, Epikentro Gallery, Helexpo, Athens (2000); Biennale of International Design, Saint-Étienne, France (2000); Away from Home Ground, Margari Gallery, Amfilochia, Etoloakarnania (2001); Art Athina #9, TinT Gallery, Athens (2001); Who is the Object? Stoa, Thessaloniki (2001); The Body, Vafopoulio Cultural Centre, Thessaloniki (2001); MiArt, TinT Gallery, Milano (2002); Stranded , London (2002); Girl Power #1, artAZ, Technopolis, Athens (2002); Don't Mind If You See Me: Open Studios, State Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki (2003); Art Action Field Kodra #03, TinT Gallery, Kalamaria, Thessaloniki (2003); Wo-Men Show, Galería Por Amor À Arte, Porto, Spain (2003); Art Athina #10, TinT Gallery, Helexpo, Athens (2003); Cosmopolis, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki (2004); Mail Art Project, TinT Gallery & Inge Baecker Gallery, Goethe Institute , Thessaloniki - Hellenic Foundation for Culture, Berlin - Spanischer Bau, Cologne (2005 -2006); Galería Por Amor À Arte, Porto, Spain (2006); Transformations, State Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki (2006); Reon Hydor, Telloglio Center of Art, Thessaloniki (2006); Drawing Screen, Film Museum, Thessaloniki (2006); Woman Tradition, performance, Center of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki (2006); Quiet Time, Katherine Nash Gallery, Minnesota, USA (2007); and Unfair, TinT Gallery, Athens Imperial, Athens (2007).

Eleni Theofilaktou currently lives and works in Thessaloniki.

[Megakles 06/2008]