PHILIPPOS THEODORIDES Untitled 2005 [C/R] - x +

CN: TheP2005unti

MT: mixed media: pencil, ink and acrylic on wood (91x100x12)

TX: inscribed with felt pen at rear upper right <THEODORIDES '05>

DN: Mr. Philippos Theodorides - 2007

LC: ACG - lobby of ALBA: Athens Laboratory of Business Administration, Athens

CM: Philippos Theodorides' Untitled work is created on a found pallet and is consistent with its material. He wanted to convey the feeling of abandonment, that the found palette inspired. At first, the material appealed to Theodorides and so he sought to give it new life by creating the present work. The Hippodamian structure of the palette, defined by intersecting perpendicular lines, gave the painting's subsurface an architectural dimension. In the work coexists at the same time drawing and painting. The painted forms of flat colors (white, red and green) contrast with the sensitive drawing. And again, these artistsic interventions contrast with the wood of the found pallet, which is more biomorphic because of its imperfection - the missing pieces. He t hought of reproducing excerpts from buildings and dry stone walls found in the Aegean islands. Furthermore he introduced the rhinoceros from Federico Fellini's film "And the Ship Sails On" (E la Nave Va) 1983. This exotic animal comes to invade this order of things that just about prevails in the world. This is a order that lacks not organizing but the ability to be apprehended. Theodoridis also refers to the void with black frames that indicate the absence of material ity and negative space. This work is the result of thinking in one way and acting in another, like the writing of Marcel Proust (1871-1922) inspires. It is the gap in our lives that will always exist because it can never be bridged. Theodorides says: "Ι never know what story to say or how to begin it. I start with something unconsciously and are lead by the material." There is an excitement of energy in the picture - the steps leading inwards, the r eds leading downwards, the rhinoceros being lowered, the negative space that sucks everything . Throughout this movement of design, which is constantly inscribed and erased, the green relieves the sight. With his Untitled work Theodorides achieves a quality that serves as a lesson of aesthetic economy.

[Megakles Rogakos 07/2007]