SOTIRIS THERIANOS Untitled 1992 - x +

CN: TheS1992unti

MT: collage: printed paper and paper mounted on card, and glazed within woden frame (37x47 / F:45x54x4)

TX: signed with pencil at lower left of picture in English <s.therianos 92>

DN: Mr. Takis Efstathiou 2008

CM: Apart from Sotiris Therianos' experience in collage, the present work of 1992 was marginal at the time it was made, as a tribute to surrealism. As known, Therianos does not ascribe to surrealism. The Untitled collage of 1992 is a special project for the needs of the exhibition of the artistic team of Theodoros Stamos held at the Cultural Center of Lefkada Island in 1992.

The starting point in Therianos' work is the study of movements in the history of art. The parameters of the movements lead Therianos as a guide, but he always returns to the track of his specific purpose - as he claims - "not to repeat myself but to retain my surprise".

In his method of collage Therianos uses fragments of paper materials, some of which are printed with pictures, while other are cut-out. It is important for Therianos that the cut-out paper herewith is - as he says - "bookbinding material with the texture of waves that are repeated without repetition." Harmony prevails in his composition. "I use the cutter as a way of writing. I do not offer visual explanations. I explain concepts with materials". Therianos created this collage with a specific rationale - to express the ways by which to respond deeply inside to the essence of 'surrealism'. "When I start from scratch, until the work is born, there is an interval. I insist on this interval, where things take shape. I draw my artistic inspiration through these things as they tend to undergo metamorphosis. That is why my references to the movements in art are of secondary importance".

In the Unitled work of 1992 the viewers see various disparate objects - tools of the doctor or the artist, refrigerators, drums - which enter into an uncanny dialogue. Viewers also notice the isolated knife in a biomorphy, confronting its victims as they are entrapped in the biomorphy's negative. As Therianos claims "I collect the 'feeling' of things".

[Megakles Rogakos 11/2008]