THEODOROS Manipulation I: For A Spectator Alone 1973 [R/V] - x +

CN: Theo1973man1

MT: mixed media: vinyl record in paper jacket (31x31)

TX: printed at rear center column in English <THEODOROS · SCULPTURE 73 / MANIPULATION 1 / FOR A SPECTATOR ALONE / International Design Conference in Aspen June 1.9.1973. // Axiom I: / I am a sculptor. / This is my social condition, this is my label too. / I hope you see that I have a sculptural voice - a voice that you can even touch. / Everything I do is sculpture. / Fast and effective [refrain] / Axiom II: / They say: sculpture occupies the space. / I say: [My] voice occupies this space now. / They say: sculpture is a visual thing. / I say: look at the record, look at the record's jacquet [sic], look. / They say: sculpture belongs to the tactile reality too. / I say: you have touched the record; haven't you ? / Also I say: you can take my matraque-phallus in your hand / and then feel free to give your own extension, your own / expression. / Attention! Freedom is something that you must buy in one or / another way. / If you buy this sculpture, then you may destroy it if you like. / Fast and effective [refrain] / Axiom III: / We all know that our need for glory or succes is nothing else / than a need for survival, a need for perpetuation, a need for / duration. / We all also know that the best way to achieve that is to be / under a preservation-perpetuation system that guarantees duration etc. / For that purpose, please take this sculpture and place it in a / well-climatised museum, under a plaxiglas protective structure. / Place on it the title. / Don't forget my name. / Thank you. / Fast and effective. [refrain] / Culture is a safe. / Put your money in cultural things. / Text and Performance: THEODOROS>, signed with feltpen at upper left in Greek <T74 // 161/300>

ED: 161/300

DN: Mr. Takis Efstathiou - 2008

CM: The original record of Manipulation I was designed and produced in New York in May 1973. It was presented for the first time at the Internationnal Design Conference - IDCA at Aspen, Colorado, USA, on 19 June 1973. The refrain "Fast and effective" in its progressively accelerating repetition creates the pun of "Fast an[d] d-effective", questioning the artwork's effectiveness.

[Megakles 03/2008]