EDDIE TJENO ERICSSON Severely Worn Surface 2010 [R/V] - x +

CN: TjEr2010worn

MT: oil and acrylic on canvas (65x80)

TX: signed with brush at rear center in Swedish <Eddie Tjeno Ericsson>

IL: Megakles Rogakos 2011, p.96-97

DN: Mr. Eddie Tjeno Ericsson - 2011

LC: ACG Art Storage

CM: Challenged to respond Phaedon Anastasiadis' colorful Self-Portrait (2000), Eddie Tjeno Ericsson noticed his resemblance, as a younger version of himself. He started to think in the direction that people who know him would think this to be an early self-portrait of his. In response to this special matter of resemblance, Tjeno Ericsson created a portrait of his present looks that would make people who know Phaedon think this would be his self-portait today, had he lived. What is more, however, is the fact that this portrait records only half of Phaedon's future likeness. The other half documents Tjeno Ericsson's likeness, of the kind he would fear presenting before the public - the nerves of the facial muscles have paralyzed, causing the eye and the mouth to hang. Such state of illness explains the present palette's prevalence of green hues. To appreciate this condition, the beholder should be aware of Tjeno Ericsson's extrovert nature. The recent life threat of having one side of his face paralyzed, as a result of a medical operation he went through, terribly scared him. Therefore, Severely Worn Surface became Tjeno Ericsson's means to overcome his fear. Moreover, balancing this portrait's paralyzed side, he used letters from the Greek alphabet in alphabetical order. Despite meaning hardly anything more than visual noise, their sight symbolizes a crossover between the love of Phaedon for figuration and of Tjeno Ericsson for abstraction.

[Megakles Rogakos 10/2011]

EUGENIA ALEXAKI & MEGAKLES ROGAKOS Encounters: Eclectic Affinities with the art of Phaedon Anastasiadis 2011 Melina Mercouri Cultural Center, Athens / Teloglion Foundation of Art, Thessaloniki