SOFIA TOUBOURA Untitled 2008 [R/C] - x +

CN: ToSo2008unti

MT: mixed media: nylon, acrylic, fabric, feathers, found objects and perspex in perspex case (70x55x20)

CT: Art Space Skouze 3, Athens - 2008

CM: Sofia Touboura's present Untitled work is part of her diplomatic presentation at the Athens School of Fine Arts in 2008. The composition of found materials betrays a lack of program, which allows for a liberating freedom of expression. The choice of materials was spontaneous, but not random. The composition is based on aesthetic criteria concerning as much the color as the volume and the combination of materials. Without caring for a classical aesthetic, Touboura wants he r work to be governed by balance and harmony. Generally a feel of abstract expressionism is prevalent regarding color and the use of material. Touboura is interested in composition and color in a manner that is expressionist, automatic and personal. In doing so, she evokes the popular culture of kitsch. Thus, she uses the nylon bag as a material with which the viewer is accustomed to and fluorescent perspex as a product of urban culture. Overall, her use of plastic materials is with a feel at the same time of acceptance and criticism.

In her works Touboura eclectically combines elements of the past art movements of Arte Povera, Pop Art, and Abstract Expressionism as an automatic approach of our time and as an intuitive communication with her contemporary audience. The present Untitled work relates to emotional intelligence as opposed to strict conceptuality. It implies things t hat every viewer may perceive differently. What means a plastic water gun, which is the first element that the viewer distinguishes in the composition? It suggests a game, a viciousness that winks its eye on factuality . Such subversive disposition governs the entire project. A similar role is performed by the plastic bag that is decorated with strass, or an artificial flower that is centrally positioned with a feel for decoration. Touboura cares for the transformation of materials. She wants the re-utilization of found materials to become a new and upgraded version of their original use.

[Megakles Rogakos 11/2008]