GEORGE TROCHANIS Bas-relief of President Eleftherios Venizelos (1864-1936) 1985 - x +

CN: TroG1985veni

MT: bronze (25x20x2)

ED: 15

DN: Mr. Panagiotis Gerolymatos - 2003

LC: ACG Special Collections

CM: Eleftherios Venizelos (1864-1936), the celebrated prime minister of Greece who achieved substantial territorial gains from Bulgaria and Turkey, inspired a great number of artists known or anonymous. This Bas-relief of President Eleftherios Venizelos (1864-1936) was brought to Panagiotis Gerolymatos at the Traditional Greek Center of Athens early in the mid 1980s by a merchant from the Island of Crete, which is this President's birthplace. Though innitially believed this portrait to be by a proud compatriot from Crete, created at the peak of Venizelos' presidency, the ACG Art Curator identified the artist to be an Athenian by the name George Trochanis, and the artwork to have been made half a century after Venizelos' death. It is worth noting that Trochanis is a self-taught artist and the Bas-relief of President Venizelos (1864-1936) was his first take in sculpture, at the time he ran an antique shop at 52 Adrianou Street in Athens. One may appreciate the naïve execution of Venizelos frontal portrait in low relief, which happens to be in keeping with the art that was popular at the time of the President's term. Trochanis recounted being inspired by a picture of Venizelos in a magazine, which he transferred onto terracotta, and eventually cast in bronze. The edition is limited to no more than fifteen pieces.

[Megakles 12/2006]