YANNIS TSAROUCHIS O Kyrios Friar (Mr. Friar) 1946 [R/V] - x +

CN: TsaY1946fria

MT: oil on canvas mounted on board in original frame (42x33 / F:54x45x4)

TX: painted with brush at lower right in Greek <Tsarouchis / 46>, incised over paint <46>, inscribed with ballpoint-pen at rear center right <Mr. Friar>

IL: Megakles Rogakos 2008, #242

PR: Mr. Kimon Friar - 1993

LC: ACG - Office of Vice President & Dean of Faculty

CM: Early in his career, Yannis Tsarouchis exercized his talent by painting portraits of his friends. This painting presents his friend Kimon Friar, one year his senior. At the age of 35, Friar had not yet acquired the reputation of the unparalleled translator of works of modern Greek literature. Already, however, there were clear signs that this man of letters held much promise for the future. Here, he poses as an intellectual in a relaxed manner at an Athenian café. He rests his right hand on the back of a chair stacked with books. His glasses and a vase rest on a table to his left side. Tsarouchis masterfully contrasted the sitter's warm beige suit with the cold ciel of the wall in the background, and balanced the tawny colors of the tie and the folding ruler on the floor. The pink colors are arranged along a diagonal line running from the flowers in the vase through the flower in Friar's hand, to end on an object of the same color on the chair. Mr. Friar is a sophisticated portrait that Tsarouchis created with feelings friendship and love.

[Megakles Rogakos 01/2005]

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