ELENI TSOTSOROU Interior XV 2001 - x +

CN: TsoE2001inte

MT: acrylic, pigment and charcoal on canvas (147x167)

TX: signed with brush at lower right vertically in Greek <E. V. Tsotsorou 2001>

DN: Ms. Eleni Tsotsorou - 2007

LC: ACG - Attica Tradition Educational Foundation, Athens

CM: Eleni Tsotsorou's series of paintings entitled Interiors started in 1999 and concerns imaginary tree labyrinths that originate in reality. The name "Interiors" refers to the depiction of psychological situations and the description of emotions. The initial labyrinths of the series were composed of burned trees with reference to personal experiences. The works inspire not a sense of self-pity, but rather one of anxiety and a strong desire to fight. The view of the labyrinth in itself impels the viewer to look for a way out. Further than being inspired by psychological ordeal, the works propose an integral aesthetic result, that reveals evolution and continuity, from naturalism to expressionism on the route of attaining freedom. In their more recent form, in 2007, the Interiors go through a pop phase of psychedelic colour.

Interior XV depicts a labyrinth of eternal trees. It creates a sense of a humid and dark environment that entraps the viewer. The tree trunks constitute obstacles which spring before the observer in unforeseen ways. The only escape from such a metaphysical situation is our thought / phantasy. In order to escape, the viewer may choose between solution and dissolution. Sometimes - given the situation - the choice of dissolution is necessary - dissolving a situation or leaving a part of oneself behind, which eventually must be severed, in order for progress to be achieved and freedom to be attained. In any case, it is a painful procedure and pain is often unavoidable. The source of blood that discreetly flows down the length of the painting foretells the observer's liberation.

[Megakles Rogakos 12/2007]

ROGAKOS, MEGAKLES Eleni Tsotsorou: Labyrinth and The Way Out 2009 Art Beat, Brussels