ELENI TSOTSOROU The Snake 2009 - x +

CN: TsoE2009snak

MT: acrylic, pigment and oil on canvas (120x140)

TX: signed with brush at lower right vertically in English <E. Tsotsorou 2009>, inscribed with felt pen at rear upper left <Eleni Tsotsorou / 'The Snake', 2009>

CT: Art Beat, Brussels - 2009

LC: ACG - Presidential Residence

CM: In Eleni Tsotsorou's artworks the snake often makes its appearance as a symbol of hidden danger. A snake is hiding and is not noticed at first sight. Man has always feared it for its appearance and its capacity for evil. But the greatest poison that can be poured into man's soul is fear. Fear in man's mind usually magnifies the size of the real problem, to the extent that one does not dare to fight. Tsotsorou recalls the following verse of Kiki Dimoula: "Truly I am the genuine offspring / of that legendary snake which was unfairly / accused of deflowering innocence. / Never has the nature of things been virgin / so that fear can freely enter its depths". Man claims that he fears the snake, but in reality what he must fight against is the fear in his own mind.

The snake has many symbolisms in esotericism and alchemy. As shown in esoteric texts biting its own tail, it creates an endless cycle of alternation. The snake that changes its skin symbolizes change over time and therefore our transition from one situation or age to another. The head biting the tail symbolizes the union of such complimentary concepts as spirit and matter, which was what the alchemists aimed at.

Tsotsorou chose to juxtapose blue and gold that give a sense of spirituality and preciousness. This palette that is at the same time dark and bright gives a feel of both tension and calm, as the snake is dangerous but can also charm. The artist used blue to represent rivers, which she views as a reference to time. These rivers appear like tree branches with reference to the multiple possibilities in life. The gold snake appears fragmented, symbolizing continuity in man - the fact that we are changing while constantly remaining yet the same person. The spheres of celestial bodies can be seen as milestones. The arrows are directed towards our goals, our obsessions, all those things for which we continuously strive.

[Megakles Rogakos 12/2009]

ROGAKOS, MEGAKLES Eleni Tsotsorou: Labyrinth and The Way Out 2009 Art Beat, Brussels