NIKI TYPALDOU Portrait of Yannis Tsarouchis (1910-1989) 1978 Maroussi - x +

CN: TypN1978tsar

MT: silver print on paper, matted in frame by Sdralis (29x20 / F:53x43x3)

TX: signed with felt pen at lower right in Greek <N. Typaldou>

IL: Manos Stefanidis 2001, p.8 / Menis Koumantareas & Mikis Theodorakis 2004, p.181

DN: Mrs. Niki Typaldou - 2006

LC: ACG Communications Building, 3rd Level Corridor

CM: This is Niki Typaldou's Portrait of Yannis Tsarouchis at home in Maroussi in 1978. Tsarouchis was an intellectual and a natural-born artist, perhaps the most distinguished representative of Greek art's 1930s generation. Typaldou writes: "I met Yannis Tsarouchis in the summer of 1977 when he staged The Trojan Women at the little theatre on Kaplanon Street . He was introduced to me by my colleague at the time at the Greek Radio and Television, Aris Davarakis, who also suggested I photograph the performance. I'd always admired Tsarouchis as an artist and personality, and liked his face. So I asked if I could photograph him and that's how one morning I arrived at his house in Maroussi. When I arrived at his studio, Tsarouchis was bent over his easel nd without lifting his head, gave me permission to photograph him asking that I do not use floodlights or flash and thus ruin the light that was coming in through the open window. I saw him a number of times after that. He admitted loving my work and urged me to publish this album." [Nike Typaldou: Hellas for Ever 2001, p.137]

[Megakles Rogakos 12/2006]

STEFANIDIS, MANOS Nike Typaldou: Hellas for Ever 2001 Cactus Editions, Athens
KOUMANTAREAS, MENIS & THEODORAKIS, MIKIS Portraits by Niki Typaldou 2004 Militos Editions, Athens