PRAXITELIS TZANOULINOS (Greece, Tinos Island, Falatados b. 1955; act: Athens)

Praxitelis Tzanoulinos Praxitelis Tzanoulinos was born on 14 May 1955 in Falatados on Tinos Island, in the Cyclades, Greece. He studied at the School of Fine Arts of Panormos in Tinos (1967-1970) with Yorgos Vogiatzis, Vassilis Paraschos and Daniil Daniil as well. He furthered his studies in sculpture with a scholarship from the Panhellenic Holy Foundation of Evangelistria in Tinos - PIIET at the Athens School of Fine Arts (1971-1975) under the supervision of Yannis Pappas. Since 1989 Tzanoulinos h as been teaching sculpture and conservation of stone at the Technological Education Institute - TEI of Athens since 1989.

Tzanoulinos has crea ted many works for public spaces, of which the following stand out: Tribute to Fallen Laconian Aviators, Gytheio; Hermaic Stele of Miltiadis, War Museum, Athens; Tribute to Poet Lorenzo Mavili, Epirus Drisos; Portrait of the Author Melpo Axioti, Myli Mykonos; Bust of Eleftherios Venizelos, Haidari Attikis; Portrait of the Poet Nikiforos Vrettakos; Bust of Surgeon Alexander Pappas, Health School of Athens; Bust of Composer Menelaos Palantios; Portrait of Composer Dimitrios Lagios, Zakynthos; Bust of Pantelis Horn, City of Athens; Bust of Kostas Bastias, Municipality of Athens - Ermoupolis; Bust of Elise Goulandris, Museum of Andros; Bust of Nicholas Christou, Medical School, University of Athens; Bust of Rector Pericles Theocharis, National Technical University of Athens; Statue of Constantine Karamanlis, Technological Education Institute, Serres (2008). He also created the following statues and monuments: Bronze Copy of the Diadoumenos by Polykleitos, Hall of International Olympic Academy, Lausanne (1988); Memorial of Fallen Heroes, Rogdia Heraklion; Memorial of Pontian Heroes, Aspropyrgos Attikis; Statue of Kosmas Aetolos, Thermo Etoloakarnania (1998); Statue of Costas Mountakis, Rethymno, Crete; Statue of Woman from Mani, Dyros Mani (2002); Statue of Goddess Athena, Agios Stefanos, Attiki (2002); Statue of Revolution Leader Yannis Davaris, central square, Peania, Attiki; Marble Relief of Athena and Poseidon, Titania Hotel, Athens; bronze statue of Constantine Karamanlis, Technological Educational Institute, Serres (2008); and marble statue of Constantine Karamanlis, northern seafront promenade, Thessaloniki (2011). Tzanoulinos was commissioned to create the following medals: Memorial, War Museum; Torch Race, Ministry of Culture; Alexander Onassis Cultural Center; 10 Years, Technological Education Institute, Athens.

Tzanoulinos was awarded the following prizes and distinctions: 1st Sculpture Award for Freedom and Peace, Municipality of Kallithea, Athens (1984); Hellenic Ministry of Culture Distinction for participation in 150 Years of Athens, National Garden, Athens (1984); Sculpture Award, Academy of Athens, Athens (1987); and 1st Sculpture Award for Theophilos, Municipality of Iolkos, Volos (1987).

Tzanoulinos presented works of his in the following exhibitions: Painting & Sculpture, Ellinikon, Athens (1982); Drawing and Sculpture, To Magazi Gallery, Tinos Island (1983); Contemporary Greek Sculpture, National Garden, Athens (1984); Cultural Summer: Sculpture Exhibition, Kalamata, Messinia (1984); Drawing and Sculpture, Ekfrasi Gallery, Athens (1985); Painting, Sculpture, and Graphics, National Gallery - Alexandros Soutzos Museum, Athens (1986); Expressions of the Sea, Ekfrasi Gallery, Athens (1990); Contemporary Sculptors from Tinos, Pyrgos, Tinos Island (1996); Contemporary Greek Sculptors, Galerie Couzis, Gameren, The Netehrlands (2000); Sculpture, Adam Gallery, Athens (2000); Sculpture, Metope Gallery, Athens (2002); Biennale Internazionale dell' Arte Contemporanea, Florence (2003); Sculpture, Ekfrasi Gallery, Athens (2004); Cultural Olympiad: Olympic Spirit and Contemporary Greek Art, Adam Gallery, Athens (2005); Visiting Halepas, House of Exhibitions, Falatados, Tinos Island (2005); Once upon a time there was Penelope Delta, Athens College, Athens (2006); and Silent Dialogues: Multimedia Portraits Throughout Time, The American College of Greece - ACG Art, Athens (2008).

Praxitelis Tzanoulinos is an active member of the Sculptors Association and the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece - EETE. He currently lives and works in Athens as well as at Vrekastro of Tinos Island.

[Megakles Rogakos 05/2009]

PLESSA, ELIZABETH Miltos Papastergiou - Praxiteles Tzanoulinos 2004 Ekfrasi - Yianna Grammatopoulou, Athens [Greek & English]