PRAXITELIS TZANOULINOS Seed 1990-2010 [R/V] = - x +

CN: TzaP1990seed

MT: bronze (210x120x25)

DN: Mr. Vassilis Mouchtaris - 2010

LC: ACG - Atrium of Pierce College Theater

CM: In keeping with his art practice, Praxitelis Tzanoulinos starts from a core, letting the work develop in a natural way. A sketch on paper in the workshop of the artist indicates the beginning of his Seed in 1980. Tzanoulinos approached the idea of the seed as an organic form with reference to the archetypes of the seashell. Following sculpture's intrinsic need the shadow to become light and the projection to become recession, the one side of the seed is concave while the other is convex. The round opening which was born into the composition on the one hand allows the communication of the two sides and on the other creates a transition from the foreground to the background. The picture that is viewed through the opening ties the heart of the Seed with nature. The transfer of the sketch onto a large-scale model in plaster was completed a decade later. The surface of the plaster was treated in a manner of roughness, which brings the form to life. The colorful patina on the bronze version of the Seed endows its form with a happy feeling of life that reflects the nature of the surrounding environment. Replacing a cypress tree which withered in the forecourt of Pierre College Theatre, the Seed enters a ritualistic dialogue with nature and gives hope for the future.

The Seed's upright position in the shape of a boat, with two curves intersecting to form an almond shape, resemble the 'Vesica Piscis', an ancient symbol representing the womb of the goddess of fertility from which allegedly originated the universe. The qualities of the Vesica Piscis - that idolatry used to symbolize the interaction and interdependence of complementary worlds and opposing forces, and Christianity used as a symbol to describe the divine dialogue between the divine and human and by extension the coming together of heaven and earth - may be thought to be embodied in Tzanoulinos' Seed. The powerful band of lines forming the Seed's skin departs by climbing towards infinity.

[Megakles Rogakos 05/2010]