NIKOS VOYATZAKIS / dit: NIKOS VELMOS (Greece, Athens 1890-1930 / act: Athens)

Nikos Velmos At the age of sixteen, after having studied under the great actor Thomas Economou (1864-1927), Nikos Velmos appeared on stage in the theater company of Marika Kotopouli (1887-1954). In 1916 he founded the 'Stratiotiko Theatro' (Army Theater). In 1918 he met in Thessaloniki the author Stratis Doukas (1895-1983), and the two become close friends. He published his texts in literary amd theater journals in the 1910s. In December 1926 he published the caustic magazine 'Frangelio' (Whip), "a liberal instrument [...] which is born to support those who are inclined towards truth". The publication of this magazine lasted until 1929. Parallel to that, in 1927 he founded the 'Asylon Technis' (Art Home), Greece's first exhibiton hall for contemporary art that operated in his own residence in Plaka, at 21 Navarchou Nikodimou Street, and continued to operate well after his death in 1930. The first exhibition was Halepas, followed by Untrained Artists; Satyrical Portraits by Haralambos Pachys; Monuments by Vrettos; Lembessis and Economou; Galanis; Old Athens and Pottery; The Vroutos Brothers; Decorative Art by Johan Romanos; and Monuments in the Athens Cemetery through Photographs by Metallides.

An idiosyncratic personality, anarchist, uncompromising mocker of the conventions of his time, Velmos fertilized spiritually the Athenian society of the 1920s. Out of the pages of Frangelio he was turned into a late herald of post-enlightnement. Visionary as he was, he appreciated the significance of the relation of the Greek audience with the works of international dramatical repertory, while opening the horizons of the people towards the unadorned and naïve art. Thus, he paved the way for the investigation of the so-called '1930s Generation' artists. Besides, he used Frangelio to acquaint the public with Dominikos Theotokopoulos and Ludwig van Beethoven, as well as Yannoulis Halepas, Dimitris Galanis, Angelos Theodoropoulos and Spyros Papaloukas. [Dr. Dimitris Pavlopoulos]

Velmos turned towards sketching impelled by his friend Doukas. Being quite linear, his sketches illustrate an effort to preserve the originality of simple, everyday human types. He presented his art in a personal exhibition at Asylon Technis in 1928.

Velmos wrote a number of works in Greek, such as Lovestruck Singer (1914); Faithful to Desperation (1915); Dimitrios Paparrigopoulos: Songs Translated in Demotic (1916); Couple of Loves (1923) e.a. He also adapted several theatrical work of the Greek and foreign repertory, including Shakespeare's As You Like It (1914); Antony and Cleopatra (1917); Othello (1918); and Hamlet (1926).

It is worth noting that in 2006 Mr. Takis Efstathiou entrusted ACG Art with the Nikos Velmos archive. Largely comprising of drawings, this archive was acquired from his sisters, Tatiani and Aridane, by the 'Hellenic Creations Gallery' (36 Voulis Street, Athens), which was founded in 1970 by Yanni Posnakoff and managed by Takis Efstathiou. Most of these drawings are small in size, intended to feature in Velmos' journal Frangelio, and cover the period from 1920 to 1930. There is a total of 422 drawings by Nikos Velmos, which are divided in the following 17 categories: Youth (34); Women (22); Adults (95); Seniors (88); Officers (10); Glasses (21); Dreamers (44); Taverns (17); Animals (3); Trees (10); Country (20); Copies (12); Still Lifes (8); Decorations (20); Stage Design (4); Theater (10); and Propaganda (4).

Nikos Velmos died of uraemia in the great gallery on the first floor of Asylon Technis on 6 July 1930.

[Megakles Rogakos 08/2006]

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