SPYROS VERYKIOS (Greece, Lefkada Island b. 1968 / act: Athens)

Spyros Verykios Spyros Verykios was born on 30 June 1968 on Lefkada Island, Greece. He studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts (1985-1991) painting with Dimitris Mitaras and graphic arts with Yannis Papadakis. He received Master of Visual Arts from the aforementioned School (2004-2006) under the supervision of Dimitris Mytaras. He attended the following seminars / workshops: Animation, Artoon Studio, Athens (1995-1996); Screenwriting, Mediadesk, Athens, Greece (2004); Screenwriring, EKKEVI, Athens, Greece (2006); and Filmaking, New York Foundation for the Arts - NYFA, New York, USA (2007). He taught art at the following educational institutions: Athens College (1999-2002) and Ionian University (2004-2007). His art moves between pop-art and new-expressionism.

Spyros Verykios has served as artist in the following films: Space Jam, Stardust Pictures Studio, London (1996); Fern Gully #2, Stardust Pictures Studio, London (1997); The Olympic Games in Ancient Greece, International Co-production - Canada, England, Greece (2000-2001); The Lampies, Time Lapse Pictures, Athens (2000); and Rug Rats Crossover, Time Lapse Pictures, Athens (2002-2003). He designed storyboards for the Greek departments of the following advertisement firms: Able, Leo Burnett, Mc Cann Erickson, Saatchi (1994-2004). He illustrated the following publications: Twelve Stories published in Magazines - Athens Voice, Blue, Epsilon, Klik, Max, Men, Stripburger (1989-2004); Four Children Books, Patakis Editions & Livanis Editions, Athens (1989-1991); Trade in Byzantium, Ministry of Hellenic Culture, Athens (2003); Two Covers of Text Books, Hellenic Ministry of Education, Athens (2004); and Tom Sawyer, MM Editions (2004). In 1999 Babel Editions of Athens published Verykios first solo comic album titled I Don't Want to Dream, I Don't Want to Wake Up.

Spyros Verykios has presented the following personal exhibitions: Ersi's Gallery, Athens (1994); Agathi Art Gallery , Athens (1996); Art Athina, Agathi Art Gallery, Athens (1997); Art Athina, Diana Yiulia Gallery, Athens (1999). He also participated in the following group exhibitions: Biennial of Young Mediterranean Artists, Valencia, Spain (1991); Ios, Galerie 3, Athens (1992); Another City in the City: Visual Intervention, Fix Building, Athens (1994); House of Cyprus, Athens (1994); 100 Years of Comics: The Earthy and Fiery Colors of the Mediterranean, Technopolis, Athens (1995); Six Proposals for a Single Subject, Nees Morfes Gallery, Athens (1997); Wigmore Fine Arts, London, England (1997); 3rd International Comics Festival: From Silence to Explosion, Technopolis, Athens (1998); 4th International Comics Festival: The Memory of the Future, Technopolis, Athens (1999); Biennale Internazionale Giovani - BIG, Torino, Italy (2000); Use the Art, Diana Yiulia Gallery, Athens (2000), Annie Balta Gallery, Thessaloniki (2000), 6th International Comics Festival: Escape, Technopolis, Athens (2001); IIème Biennial Méditerranéenne des Arts de Tunis, Tunisia (2002); Athens, Single Use Views, Antonopoulou Art, Athens (2002); 30x40, Athens Art Gallery, Athens (2002); Coup de Coeur, Athens Art Gallery, Athens (2003); and Panorama of Greek Cartoons and Comics, Belgrade, Serbia (2005). He curated the following contemporary art exhibitions: Phornography, Athens (1999); Edible Art, Agathi Art Gallery, Athens (2001); Cinema inspires Artists, Technopolis, Athens (2001); Mickey Mouse Meets Art: 15 Young Greek Artists are Inspired from Mickey Mouse, Hellenic American Union, Athens (2004); and Love will Tear Us Apart: A Tribute to Joy Division, Athens (2006). Artworks by Spyros Verykios are kept at The American College of Greece and the Ministry of Hellenic Culture.

Spyros Verykios currently lives and works in Athens.

[Megakles Rogakos 06/2007]