VRASSIDAS VLAHOPOULOS Music Scales 1991-1992 - x +

CN: VlaV1991musi

MT: acrylic on fabric (75x105)

TX: signed with brush at rear lower right in Greek <Vrassidas>

IL: Vrassidas Vlahopoulos 1996, p.117

DN: Ms. Mahi Kanistra - 2009

LC: ACG - Office of Dean of Arts & Sciences, DC515

CM: Vrassidas Vlahopoulos offered a conceptual painting characterized by a great innerness of poor and blurred appearance. It is worth noting that - although his works reflect the abstract qualities found in music - Vlahopoulos aimed to capture atmospheres that he experienced as a child in slums. That is why he often frequented such neighborhoods and photographed them. The photographs he took close relate to the content of his works. His painting he did not transfer these photographs as such, but reproduced their feeling in his own way.

Vlahopoulos had great love for classical music and had studied piano and guitar. In 1964 he had written the article "The Plastic Space of Music", before the debut in 1967 of Iannis Xenakis' "Polytopa", polytechnic works where the music is combined with visual stimuli. Having studied music composition he knew how to convey its sense in the visual arts with horizontal, vertical or lateral lines. He aimed to interpret by visual means all parts of a musical composition. In his visual compositions the scores appear as staves on which notes are placed. At one part the pace is calm, in another tension is rising, and elsewhere there are pauses. Some sounds are apparently fainting or are undergoing transformation. He represents the sounds of various instruments that harmonize with one another. Mesh lines give the texture of sounds made by string instruments. The lines move by means of curves and give the feeling of melody. Circular spots resemble blowing with reference to sounds made by wind instruments. The dashes refer to pausing.

The Music Scales express a pleasant and cheerful lyricism. The composition presents the parallel development of two areas - an earthy and a celestial one - as complimentary of one another. The first refers to the physical dimension of music and the other to the power of music, which escaping upwards dominates the composition. The strong earthy elements reinforce the momentum of the celestial elements. Vlahopoulos had a generally optimistic character. Intuitively, however, his works represent a metaphysical quality of exaltation. It was perhaps a painting like this one that Antonis Samarakis wrote "Vrasidas painted the universe".

[Megakles Rogakos 01/2009]

DARADIMOS / DIMITREAS / HATZINIKOLI / KANISTRA / KOKANTZIS / KYRIAZI / SORONGAS Vrassidas Vlahopoulos 1996 Municipal Gallery of Athens, Athens