ANDREAS VOUSSOURAS (Greece, Athens b. 1957 / act: Athens)

Andreas Voussouras Andreas Voussouras was born on 9 October 1957 in Athens, Greece. He studied sociology at Université Paris X Nanterre (1979-1982). Gradually he developed an interest in painting, visual poetry, mail art, radio work, and stage-design. He designed stage sets for Konstantinos Mihos' dance group 'Lathos Kinissi' (False Move), and in 1996 took part in the parallel events of the 2nd International Dance Festival in Kalamata, carrying out visual art interventions with the 'Urban Art' group in the city and castle.

Voussouras' works are mainly environments, installations, and constructions. Among his favourite themes are the relationship between time and matter, and individual and collective memory. In his early period, his materials (cloth, wood, rope, iron, plastic) were frequently marked by the ravages of time and human intervention. In subsequent works, the installation is the shell, within which matter and spirit co-exist with the memory of human action. Objects are transformed into signs and symbols as a variety of materials, such as tar, wax, cottonwool, glass, and metal, are allied with conventional media to create exceptionally lyrical compositions. In other cases, the element of time is explored through a narration of experiences and personal memories in the form of photographic transparencies incorporated into the composition. The shell is also a basic structural element in works he produced in the 1990s.

Andreas Voussouras presented the following personal exhibitions: Schedia Gallery, Thessaloniki (1983); Twilight, Psychiko Art Gallery, Athens & Z-M Gallery, Thessaloniki (1984); Athens College, Athens (1985); Tenant, Athens College, Athens (1990); Tenant: 2nd Image, Fournos Center of Art and Technology, Athens & Methymna Municipal Gallery, Lesbos Island (1992); Transfer, Agathi Gallery, Athens (1994); Noman, Thema Gallery, Athens (1995); No Man's Land / Disposables, Stigma Gallery, Athens (2000); Je ne reviendrai jamais (I Will Never Return), TinT Gallery, Thessaloniki (2006); Playground Arena, Cheapart, Athens (2007); and Time is on My Side , TinT Gallery, Thessaloniki (2009). § He also took part in the following group exhibitions: Visual Recycling, Polyedro Gallery, Patras (1995); Two Sculptors, Terracotta Gallery, Thessaloniki (1996); IX International Biennial of Sculpture, Skironio Museum Polychronopoulos, Athens (1996); Art Athina #4, Helexpo, Athens (1996); Signs of Life, Terracotta Gallery, Thessaloniki (1996); Kelyphos: Shell, Municipal Cultural Center of Athens, Athens (1997); Childlikeness in Modern Art, Pantazidis Art Center, Athens (1997); Stories of Infinite Changes, Municipal Gallery of Patras (1997); Engrams of Oblivion, Galleria San Nicoló, Venice, Italy (1997); New Acquisitions, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, Greece (1998); Missing Persons, Old Hospital of Red Cross, Athens, Greece (1998); l'ombre créa l'oeuvre (...and the shadow created work), French Institute, Thessaloniki, Greece (1999); and Commentary on the 20th Century, ArtForum / Vilka, Thessaloniki, Greece (2000); The Cinema inspires Artists , Technopolis, Athens (2000); Argyroiliopoulou - Bebi - Voussouras, TinT Gallery, Thessaloniki (2000); Human Rights Festival, Athens (2001); Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria (2002); Stigma Art Gallery at Art Athina #10, Athens (2002); 8 Wo-Men Show, Por Amor á Arte Galeria, Porto, Portugal (2003); Galleries TinT at Action Field Kodra, Kalamaria (2003); Greece-Turkey: Meeting Point, Museum Bonn, Leverkusen / Saint Irene, Istanbul / Macedonian Museum of Contemporary, Thessaloniki (2004); Galleries acbeu, Sao Sebastiao, Brazil (2004); Eleas Engomion (Praise of Olive), Municipal Gallery Katsigra, Larissa (2005); Commonplace, Epi Kolono Theater, Athens (2005); Mail Art Project, Goethe Institute, Thessaloniki / Hellenic Foundation for Culture, Berlin (2005); Art Athina #5, TinT Gallery, Athens (2005); Eleas Engomion (Praise of Olive), United Nations, New York, USA (2006); Wo-Man: Human Rights Festival, Cheapart, Athens (2006); Reverse Selection, Old School Kardamyli, Mani (2006); Commonplace II, Epi Kolono Theater, Athens (2006); Home Sweet Home, Athens (2006); Mail Art Project, Spanischer Bau, Cologne (2006); Por Amor á Arte Galeria, Porto, Portugal (2006); TinT Gallery in Art A thina, Athens (2008); and Silent Dialogs: Multimedia Portraits Throughout Time, The American College of Greece - ACG Art, Athens (2008); and Digital Romance, Vilka Artforum, Thessaloniki (2008).

Andreas Voussouras continues to live and work in Athens.

[Megakles 10/2008]

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