ANDREAS VOUSSOURAS Untitled (Screwed Up) 2008 [R/C/P] - x +

CN: VoAn2008scre

MT: mixed media: digital print, acrylic and screws on wood (48x35x6)

TX: inscribed with felt pen at rear center in English <UNTITLED (SCREWED UP) / 2008>, signed below in Greek <AVOUSSOURAS>

CT: TinT Gallery, Thessaloniki - 2008

CM: Andreas Voussouras' Untitled (Screwed Up) belongs to a past module of works of 2006 on the theme of domestic relations. Taken together these projects present indirect readings and require distance for the viewer to see them. Characteristically in one case Voussouras used the present image digitally printed on canvas, which he distorted by saw. The basic picture is an excerpt of a particular photograph from the artist's youth. It is worth noting that the original photograph was black and white and the present bright colors were generated by digital intervention through Photoshop. Especially the intense red color situated on the nose of the child was brought about in an effort to cover a wood knot and becomingly turned out to remind a clown. Of importance is the photograph’s composition - that the bust of the artist as a child is traversed diagonally by the hand of his father, thus dominating the picture. The paternal intervention involves a dual meaning - both a protection of the child from external factors, and a ban on the child to initiate a movement independent from his father. In any case such action threatens the child's free nature.

In Screwed Up Voussouras combines elements that have emerged in projects of his in the past. Thus he combines a wooden kitchen board with screws. These components are combined in such ways that make the work appear like an attack on personal memory. The image of screws penetrating the painted surface has semiological reference to the notion of abuse. The gesture of violent drilling arouses great psychological intensity to the viewer. Voussoura's intention was to create an anticonformist artwork, which would cause restless feelings to the viewer. Finally, the work's subtitle in the English language can not be translated into faithfully in Greek, because it loses its meaning. In this case the artist chose the English expression 'screwed up' to refer to a complex situation of psychological rape without parallel in other languages. Of course it creates a pun, using the concept of a screw as a means of both the image's desecration and its protection.

[Megakles Rogakos 10/2008]