M¬KHI XENAKIS Sans Titre (Without Title) 2007 - x +

CN: XenM2007sans

MT: pastel on paper (65x49 / F:85x70x1)

CT: T. Kambani Gallery, Voula - 2009

CM: These black pastels invading the entire sheet of paper were born by fate; a publishing house asked me to illustrate a text of Odysseus Elytis entitled "Twenty-Four Hours Forever". Though I tried to immerse myself, I could not enter. And then, after a year during the summer of 2003, the text appeared to me suddenly clear, rich with a multitude of images that I could not name, but I just had to surrender. Many drawings in black pastels and gum covered white sheets in all sizes... § Was that the sensations described in the text, which plunged me into my own memories of the summer in Corsica with my father [Iannis Xenakis]? Was that the link that laterally united Elytis and my father who treasured this 'journey'... Still it is only as I drew that I felt increasingly close to the feeling that I experienced once with my father when I was sharing his passion for the sea. § Every summer, we went camping all three with my mother in Corsica. We had a small kayak, small tent... We had to find a natural source and feed on simple pasta and caught fish... My father was looking for this direct link with the wild and sometimes the danger. There he was resourceful and found the energy he transposed in his future music. § My mother could not swim... so we had to swim for hours both with our palms and our masks, to find fish. This led to a privileged moment with my father in the marine world in perpetual movement, the sensation of opposite currents, fast... eyes of the fish that sometimes can arise suddenly... the void and chasms... § And then, moreover, the terrible storm he was looking for: When the sea was raging he took me with him kayaking, rowing and we had the fastest possible life always dealing with the wave withour fear to get smashed against the rocks... the thunderous sounds, swirling white froth that overwhelmed us completely... fighting against chaos... [Mâkhi Xenakis translated by Megakles Rogakos 05/2009]