VANGELIS ZAFIROPOULOS The Repetition 2000 [R/F] - x +

CN: ZafV2000repe

MT: oil on canvas and iron 4x(50x40 / E:62x47 / T:62x200)

TX: signed with pencil at rear upper center of every picture in Greek <V. Zafiropoulos>

DN: Ms. Maria Chronopoulou - 2009

CM: The Repetition of Vangelis Zafiropoulos constitutes half a work of eight parts, which was presented at Diana Gallery of Athens (the other half belongs to a company importing medical equipment). The Repetition is composed of four pictures presented in horizontal order, where for each picture the lower left quadrant of the white rectangle is painted black. In the centre of each picture, where the white borders with the black, begin two iron rods that extend outside the picture - the one downwards and the other leftwards. The rods create a fragmentation of the picture, which includes a rightward movement, aided by a colorful hyphen that appears in the same position of each picture, but differs chromatically - successively red, mauve, brown and yellow. Even if The Repetition differs from picture to picture in this very slight respect, the difference allows the spectator to perceive a development. Zafiropoulos represents abstractly the deeper essence of repetition as a simple idea. The Repetition offers the spectator the dilemma between two different approaches of perceiving its essence - from the surface to the depth of the picture or from the past to the future and reversely. The repetition is found in the verge between past and future. It includes the 'return' that is related to the process of recollection and the 'retrospection' of segments of the past in the future. Finally, the return and retrospection in Repetition are but two tendencies with a common source and opposite direction.

[Megakles Rogakos 07/2009]