APOSTOLIS ZOLOTAKIS Untitled 1997 Utrecht [R/F] - x +

CN: Zolo1997unti

MT: acrylic on canvas (230x140)

CT: Move Art S.A., Athens - 2009

LC: ACG - John S. Bailey Library

CM: All of Apostolis Zolotakis' artworks are conceived beyond the sense of linear time and do not present an evolutionary continuity. His Untitled work of 1997 deals with an aspect of the dialectical relationship between life and death. On the painting of upright format the middle is occupied by a field of red color with touches of yellow tones - with reference to fire. The painting's two sides are occupied mainly by black color that barely allows discerning filings of other colors - referring to stagnation of life. The particular black color that Zolotakis herewith employs derives from laser printer toner which - owing to its extra thinly ground texture - creates an unprecedented sense of depth. The central part seems to move freely, while the forms on either side appear solidified. This Untitled work concerns relationships of energy - fierce fire in the middle and burnt land beyond that sucks energy to become magma. At the verge of life and death Zolotakis sees a geometrical balance that may at any time be disturbed. The explosive core panel resembles an energy portal - an entrance into a metaphysical dimension. Zolotakis' artwork proposes to the viewer open-ended questions - does it concern conflict or balance; is black spreading or tends to give way? Is the light in the foreground or is it behind the dark? With his present Untitled work Zolotakis presents a trick for the eye that challenges the time-space continuum. In closing it is worth noting that the Vogel Kwartet used Zolotakis' present Untitled work to adorn the cover of their 1999 album entitled South Of No Border (herewith illustrated).

[Megakles Rogakos 09/2008]