ANONYMOUS (Bulgaria) Sorrowful Souvenir of Milcho Ivanov 1937 Rousse = - x +

CN: PHOT1937souv

MT: silver print on paper, glazed within original frame (22x28 / C:34x42 / F:39x47x2)

TX: inscribed with fountain pen at rear upper left of frame in Cyrillic <за семейство Миню Геневь с. Бажевци / Печалень спомень>, <za semeistvo Minyo Genev s. Bazhevtzi / Pechalen spomen>, <For the family of Minas Genev, Bazhevtsi village. / Sorrowful souvenir>, at center <Милчо Ивановъ на 6 г. ½ години / починалъ на 16/III. 1937 г.  въ гр. Русе.>, <Milcho Ivanov na 6 ½ godini / pochinal na 16/III.1937 g. v gr. Ruse.>, <Milcho Ivanov at the age of 6 ½ years / passed away on 16/III. 1937 at the town of Rousse.>

DN: Mr. Megakles Rogakos - 2009

LC: ACG Art Storage

CM: The present photograph by an anonymous photographer records an Eastern Orthodox funeral rite involving the deceased, family members and clergy. The deceased lies in state in a windowed coffin to allow loved ones to look at him one last time and give their final farewells. The Cyrillic script at the photograph's rear, which has certain Slavonic influences, expunged in the orthographic reform under the Communists (1946-1989), was decodified as described in the credits with the kind assistance of Stelios Rigopoulos and Daniela Petkova. In this piece of text it is found that Milcho Ivanov, son of Minas Genev from the Bazhevtsi village, passed away at the age of six and a half years on 16 March 1937 at the town of Rousse, on the border between Bulgaria and Romania.

[Megakles Rogakos 08/2009]