Reincarnated Painting


Reincarnated Painting: Sculpture by Ghika

At 20:00 on Tuesday, 4 April 2006, The American College of Greece inaugurates the modern art exhibition entitled Reincarnated Painting: Sculpture by Ghika curated by ACG Art Curator Megakles Rogakos at the Art Center.

Reincarnated Painting: Sculpture by Ghika is an exhibition of sculptures commemorating 100 years from the birth of Nico Hadjikyriaco Ghika (1906-1994). The first part of the title, Reincarnated Painting, highlights the metaphysical aspect of Ghika's art with reference to his beloved Orient. The second part highlights the strength of this exhibition - the gathering together of Ghika's fine sculpture, reliefs, and applied artworks. The exhibition concerns a total of fifty works: fifteen sculptures from the ACG Art Collection, thirty sculptures from the Benaki Museum - Ghika Gallery, four artworks from the Dionyssis Fotopoulos Collection, six pieces of jewellery from the Simoni Zafiropoulou Collection, and one mask from the National Theater in Athens. Included are three previously unpublished works: the recently uncovered relief of Mask after Medusa Rondanini (ca. 1948), the sculpture Evryali Medusa (1948), and the medallion entitled Spring (1977). The exhibition includes the College's archival copy of the citation for Ghika from the time The American College of Greece conferred upon him the honorary degree of Doctor of Humane Letters in 1993.

The aim of Reincarnated Painting is to throw light on Ghika as a great painter with a profound interest in sculpture. The exclusive focus on Ghika's sculpture is intended to demonstrate the self-sufficiency of this form in the context of his art. The public is given the chance to explore the painterly quality of Ghika's idiosyncratic treatment of sculpture.

Given the opportunity to observe together the entirety of Ghika's known sculptures, it may be noticed that - with few exceptions - Ghika drew his themes from Hellenic antiquity and mythology, while stylistically referencing the greatest art movements of his time; such as existentialism, futurism, cubism, surrealism, expressionism, and orphism. A comprehensive and lavishly illustrated 80-page catalog with commentary by ACG Art Curator Megakles Rogakos has been published by The American College of Greece, and is an invaluable aid for scholars seeking to study the art of Ghika.

Rogakos writes in the catalog: "In experiencing Reincarnated Painting: Sculpture by Ghika, one immediately observes that Ghika's art is varied and rich. Ghika had studios in the greatest of European capitals: Paris, London, and Athens. Like a modern successor of Odysseus, Ghika took lessons while abroad and made that knowledge his own at home, in Greece. Alongside his painting, Ghika, throughout his career, created an incredible array of sculpture, free from any singular style or particular form; this he did with an insatiable appetite for experimentation and originality. He blurs the boundaries of art-forms by endowing his sculpture with painterly qualities, and defies categorization by engaging with unconventional materials and methods of making sculpture. This exhibition leads to the conclusion that Ghika was an artist of multifarious nature, inquisitive spirit, fertile imagination, and ceaseless creativity."

The accompanying exhibition catalog with riginal texts by Megakles Rogakos is available gratis upon request.

Reincarnated Painting: Sculpture by Ghika is open to the public and runs until 31 May 2006. Visiting hours are 09:00-21:00 Monday through Friday.


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