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Maria Mylona-Kyriakidi

ACG Art for Maria Mylona-Kyriakidi: Self-Portrait

ACG Art contributes to the exhibition "Maria Mylona-Kyriakidi: Self-Portrait" at the Museum Alex Mylona - Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art in Athens.

Maria Mylona-Kyriakidi (1942-2010) was born in Athens, where she lived and worked. Her interest in the arts was manifest at an early age. Her familiarity with modern art occured initially through the immediate family and the work of her mother, the sculptor Alex Mylona. She studied painting at Vacalo School of Art & Design (1962-1965) in the workshop of Panagiotis Tetsis.

Since 1973, she presented over 10 personal exhibitions and participated in many group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. Her aesthetic formation was stimulated by some of the foremost figures of modern art - Pablo Picasso (1881-1973), Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944) and mainly Max Ernst (1891-1976).

The art historian and critic Efi Strousa writes: "Her personal artistic physiognomy is characterized by a constant, restless investigation in the multiple expressive ways of painting, which she approximates with great freedom, adopting a broad range of various techniques, drawing, oils, acrylics, collages, mixed media, oils and prints on canvas, monotypes, etc".

The fixed method in the evolution of her work was the use of each different type of expression she chose, either figurative or abstract, as a tool to raise her own vision, her own personal interpretation of the world, of history and art. In her works, the realistic style is constantly woven with the space of imagination, creating a dreamlike atmosphere, from which the character of her own complex psyche emerges.

Through this dialectical approach to the languages of modern art, she gradually weaves out different samples of style, which develop in different modules of work, such as the self-portraits, the surrealist still lifes, the hands, the representations of micro-organisms in nature, the many configurations of human figures or portraits in obscure places, undefined to the series of mixed media works, on the theme of the mesh weaving, the 'networks', as she calls them.

In a rare confessional note, in a retrospective (1975-1999) exhibition catalog at Adam Art Gallery, she writes: "Around us there are countless stimuli, from simple everyday ones to those stemming from feelings that flow constantly from within and wish to come to the surface... I can not, therefore, repeat myself."

Although maintaining a low profile in the noisy condition of the art scene, she left behind her a genuine sample of the artist's freedom of movement between the multiple expressive ways of modern and contemporary art, in search of an authentic personal style.

During her life, when there was no premonition of her untimely death, Mylona-Kyriakidi entrusted ACG Art with two seminal paintings of hers - Dual Personality of 1975 [MyKy1975dual] and Networks 2002 [MyKy2002netw]. The present exhibition's curators - Efi Strousa, Eleni Mylonas and Maro Lagia - considered the former painting to be indispensable to "Maria Mylona-Kyriakidi: Self-Portrait".

Megakles Rogakos

"Maria Mylona-Kyriakidi: Self-Portrait" opens today, Friday, 18 February 2011, at 20:00 and will last until 31 March 2011.

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