PSYCHOGRAPHS KyrP1987retu KyrP1995visi KyrP2002tyra KyrP1999psyc KyrP2005subm KyrP1998cruc

01. Chronicle: Return 1987-9 (drawing)
02. Visionary 1995 (painting)
03. Tyranny fo Light 2001-2 (DVD)
04. Psychograph 1999 (projection)
05. Submission 2005 (print)
06. Crucible 1996-8 (oil painting)


ART CENTER 01/11-16/12/2005

Opening at 20:00 on Tuesday, 1 November 2005

At 20:00 on Tuesday, 1 November 2005, ACG Art of The American College of Greece inaugurates the contemporary art exhibition entitled Pelagia Kyriazi: Psychographs.

Pelagia Kyriazi was born in Athens, her origin from Methemna of Lesbos Island. She graduated from Pierce College of The American College of Greece, and studied painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts in the classes of Yannis Moralis and Demosthenes Kokkinides. In 1992, she was awarded a Fulbright scholarship and left for New York. In the artistic environment of New York she soon developed an interest in digital aspects of art. She has presented her works in numerous one-person as well as group exhibitions in Greece and abroad for example at Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center, at the A. Onassis Cultural Center in New York, at the Biennial of Drawing and Graphic Arts at the Museum of Györ in Hungary, at the Kunsthalle Berlin and at the International Print Center in New York. Works of the artist are in the collection of the American College of Greece, the Greek Ministry of Culture, the Municipal Gallery of Rhodes and in many private and public collections in Greece and abroad. Currently, Kyriazi is active in New York and in Athens.

The works of art presented in Pelagia Kyriazi: Psychographs highlight important moments of the artist's career since 1987 - combining drawing, painting, video, projection, and digital prints.

The title Psychographs refers to the special quality of Kyriazi's art, which may be summed up as an endless search into the soul's ever-varied dimensions on a multitude of levels; searching, finding, and losing oneself until the same cycle begins again, each time on another level. This process resembles an intrinsic need of the evolving person to look out for the innocence that always evades him/her. Kyriazi is concerned with psychographs as reflections in art of man's multiple identity, of the internal fluctuations of the human condition.

This kind of artistic outcome could probably not but be characterized by superficial variation as manifested in the multi-media aspect of her art. However, there is a common denominator in the various works that constitute the present exhibition. Kyriazi's emerging psychographs relate on the level of mood, atmosphere and sensibility intensifying one another, thus constantly creating new relations in the totality of her existing work.

It is worth noting that inspiration for some of Kyriazi's Psychographs was drawn from historical memories of Hellenism, and most of the works were materialized abroad, in her New York studio. Kyriazi started with a sketch of her Greek identity as it was experienced in her native country, and refined this identity during her stay in America. There, she used sources which tend to describe her identity of Greekness, wherever it may be traced, in various parts of the world and in the mind: in her family roots in Asia Minor, in the antiquities of Pergamon, in the Alexandria of Cavafy, and in New York's multiculturalism. Her distance from Greece while in foreign lands was the aid that enabled her to describe her personal identity and to become familiar with her psyche. Kyriazi conveys this New York experience in her art, parallel to her constant aim to expand - with a vocabulary of our time - the boundaries of painting.

Pelagia Kyriazi: Psychographs will be open at the Art Center of The American College of Greece from 1 November to 16 December 2005, 12:00-21:00 Monday to Friday.

On Tuesday, 29 November, at 19:30, Pelagia Kyriazi will give a lecture entitled Notes on Psychographs in the Amphitheater of the Art Center.

The text of the exhibition catalog has been written in English by ACG Art Curator Megakles Rogakos; a Greek version of the text is inserted in the catalog.

Parallel to Psychographs, there will be an exhibition of Pelagia Kyriazi at Gallery 3, 3 Fokylidou Street, Kolonaki, Athens, GR 10673, Greece.

INFORMATION: ACG Art, The American College of Greece, 6 Gravias Street, Aghia Paraskevi, Athens, GR 15342, Greece, T: +30210 6009800 x:1444, E:

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